福島県の秘湯『土湯温泉』標高1200m Madoka!!


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と、いうことで、来年3月東京 銀座での個展に向け、今年の春ごろより着々と準備を進めています。今回の個展は月一回のペースで東北の秘湯温泉周りロケ撮影。大自然の中でヨガを撮影した大判プリント36点の展示と、まどかの描く書の展示を予定してます。

2017年より始まったシリーズ『the MADOKA』

もかれこれ、4年目に入ります。初回の中本誠司現代美術館で行った『まどか描く』は、モノクローム写真をB0という畳より大きなプリントにして展示、壁一面に何百という書を張り巡らしたアバンギャルドなもの。それはかなり迫力のある展示でした。夜からのレセプションパーティーも、各分野から様々な方達が集い、JAZZ LIVEを始め、人が溢れ、大盛況でした。

その後、写真集の発表や、国指定文化財 有壁本陣、中本政治現代美術館を始め、仙台国分町 ギャラリー専や、東京銀座 gallery一丁目など、数々の会場で個展を開催してきました。





2020年3月、また近くなったら、この場を借りて個展のご案内を差し上げますので、是非、お出かけください。場所は『東京銀座 奥野ビル Gallery銀座一丁目』です。the MADOKA アーカイブはこちら

〒104-0061  4F OKUNO Bldg.1-9-8 Ginza Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0061 JAPAN 12:00〜18:30

Kouichi Teragishi

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Teragishi photo Studio®.

So, we are steadily preparing for a solo exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo next March, this spring. This solo exhibition shoots locations around Hiyu Onsen in Tohoku once a month. We are planning to exhibit over 36 large-format yoga prints in the wilderness, as well as books by Madoka.

The series “the MADOKA”, which started in 2017, is now in its fourth year. “Madoka Draw”, which was performed at the Seiji Nakamoto Museum of Contemporary Art, is an avant-garde one that displays monochrome photographs larger than a tatami mat called B0 and displays hundreds of books all over the wall. It was a pretty powerful exhibition. At the reception party from the night, various people from each field gathered, and people started overflowing with JAZZ LIVE, and it was a great success. http://teragishi.com/madoka-16/

This time, I visited at a location of 1200m above sea level, “Tsuchyu Onsen”, a secret hot spring in Fukushima Prefecture. In the stormy conditions of the cold wind, Madoka at the age of 60 stretched herself, shooting under thin silver fur with thin adidas. The snow falls and the temperature is minus 3 degrees. After all, a photograph reflects the air at that time. I think there are probably tougher locations, but in such an extreme cold shoot like this, you have to drive the model and release the shutter just before crying. And it’s also a big thing to try to capture the picture without losing it. I think you worked hard.

Since then, he has been presenting photo books and holding solo exhibitions at a number of venues, including the National Cultural Property Arikabe Honjin, Nakamoto Museum of Political and Contemporary Art, Sendai Kokubuncho Gallery Sen, and Tokyo Ginza Gallery 1-chome.

Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter, the series over the secret hot spring, the winter team is over and we are relieved. Every day I work on multiple projects, wear out my nerves and work on production, but the satisfaction that comes out one by one can not be changed. I’m just going to get over this year, just a little more.

In March 2020, when I get closer, I will borrow this venue and give you a guide to the solo exhibition. The place is “Tokyo Ginza Okuno Building Gallery Ginza 1-chome”. The MADOKA archive is here ~  http: //teragishi.com/tag/the-madoka/

2019″ Thank you for your viewing ! We look forward to shooting you! Teragishi photo Studio® photo by K.Teragishi®


Kouichi Teragishi フォローよろしくお願いします!


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